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Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are appliances that provide hot water for your home. Unfortunately, the mechanical device may suffer from common problems, such as the formation of mineral deposits and malfunctioning power-driven elements, which will prevent it from running properly.

Common Water Heater Issues

The buildup of sediment is a frequent water heater issue. Water contains minerals, and when the appliance heats water, it causes the minerals to attach to the side of the tank and burner. If the minerals are not removed from the appliance, then they can cause major issues as they become sediment. With the formation of sediment, consider contacting a professional as he or she can filter the water.


When you hear noises coming from your water heater, it is a sign that sediment has built up in your unit. The noise is the heating element burning the substance.

In some cases, the thermostat is set too low, so be sure to check the setting as it should be at 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The mechanism can also malfunction, which will cause heating issues. If the thermostat is not functioning, then you will need to call a professional repair agency.

The pilot light in your water heater is another common problem that can cause your home to lack hot water. Be sure to inspect the area regularly. The flame should reflect a blue shade and display yellow tips. When the flame seems more yellow or orange, it could be burning improperly.

If your water heater is failing to produce hot water, then your unit’s heating element may not working. You can replace the components to repair water heater.

Hot water heaters also include an exhaust flue. The mechanism heats the water in your unit’s storage tank. Keep in mind that the device can become blocked, which will cause your water heater to fail.

About Boilers

When home builders add boilers to heat the water in a home, the appliance will typically last for many years. Once they begin to age, failures will start to occur. For instance, boilers may fail to produce heated water. In most cases, the cause of heat issues in boilers is a water level change.

If you are comfortable repairing your home’s appliances, then you may consider completing basic repairs on your water heater. However, when your water-based appliances have extensive problems, be sure to call a professional.


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