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Boilers are installed in homes to heat water or other fluids. The resulting steam is a cheap source of energy that can be utilized in a variety of household tasks. The heat that is generated can be used in sanitation, power generation, cooking and central heating. In most residential settings, a gas-powered boiler will heat the fluid so that warm air can be fed through pipes to radiators, vents and other fixtures. In regions where the winters are long and cold, boilers are essential to the health and well-being of household residents. While boilers are generally durable, most property owners should be aware of the common problems that are often associated with them.

No Heat/Hot Water

If the household is not getting any hot water, residents will quickly become miserable. This problem is often caused by defunct airlocks or broken diaphragms. Low water levels might also be the culprit. In some cases, one of the motorized valves may have broken.

Boiler Continually Shuts off

Boilers that shut off several times each day will likely become major headaches. A broken pump or a closed valve may need to be repaired. In other instances, an infusion of air may be causing the entire system to become woefully inefficient. Low water pressure, which can be caused by several different issues, may also be the problem.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Older thermostats can cause the fluid within the tank to be maintained at improper temperatures. While some homeowners may be able to clean the thermostat and carefully reinstall it, others may have to purchase a new one. Professionals can help with the installation work. Because the thermostat is often considered the linchpin of the entire system, individuals should be sure to buy one from a reputable manufacturer.

Odd Noises

In cases where odd noises are coming from inside the boiler, homeowners may be dealing with an accumulation of limescale in the tank. A buildup of minerals can lead to whistling, gurgling and other unpleasant sounds. The limescale will have to be carefully removed from the tank by a certified professional.

Radiator Remains Cold

If the radiator simply will not heat up, various pipes have likely become corroded. If there is sludge within the pipes, property owners will need to use carefully calibrated chemicals to remove the offending material. A full-system flush can be performed by experts who have access to the proper tools and equipment.


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